How Fast Can You Learn Krav Maga

There are many aspects of Krav Maga that make it unique but one of the most important things that makes it stand out is it  focused on teaching you how to protect yourself as quickly as possible.

If you were to take karate classes, for example, you learn techniques and forms that are based around a training time frame of years because you are learning an Art

However, that is not what happens with Krav Maga, in fact Krav Maga is not  a Martial Art. it is considered  to be a tactical Self Defence System
Keep in mind that when this Self Defence  method was first devised, It was designed to be taught quickly because those doing the teaching and those who needed the training had very little time to learn!

In other words, you are learning how to build skills that you can use in day to day living straightaway rather than in a competition or display after years of practice.
On of the key reason Krav Maga can be effective for you so quickly, is because it is based on the natural movements of the body.

The instinctive reactions  that have evolved within us over thousands of years of evolution. Our defence tactics springboard off the ingrained instinctive patterns,  meaning you are moving in you own defence before you realise it.
How you train is also important –  you must train to react and make decision quickly.To get the best results you should take a structure course which has a defined start and end date,

This ensures that there is a clear focus on getting you effective quickly, it also means you progress along a structured path along with your course mates.  All learning and working together in a constant progression, getting fitter and having fun!

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